October 15th, 2018

This is the Global Gasdown-Frackdown 2018: Thousands taking actions in over 50 cities

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On and around October 13th, over 90 groups from six continents came together in a united fight against the gas, fracking and plastics/petrochemicals industry for the Global Gasdown-Frackdown Day of Action.

Over a thousand people took action across North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Different groups and organisations demonstrated the many ways in which gas and fracking harm air and water quality, communities’ health and the climate. Among many others, there were anti-fracking debates in Peru, a protest against a planned LNG terminal in Germany and a stunt against plastic pollution caused by hydrocarbons in the UK, actions in Indonesia against gas drilling, a health impact webinar series,  an anti-fracking carnival in the UK and rally against fracking in Western Australia. Groups across the world joined together in the international fight against gas and fracking, demanding real climate solutions – our communities and our climate cannot afford another generation of fossil fuels.

Communities across the world are suffering from aggressively imposed gas infrastructure. Local democracy is often overruled, land rights dismissed, water sources poisoned and the environment polluted. This is under the false pretence that gas is a climate solution, a ‘bridge fuel’. However, when the entire supply chain is taken into account, it is no cleaner a fuel than oil and coal.

On and around October 13th, communities across the world united to take action, demanding a fossil-free future and real solutions.


Osazee Prince Edigin, from ASEC in Nigeria, says “Our connection to the global movement is to signal our government, the multinationals and their collaborators that our struggle to end gas and fracking and the need for transition to clean and renewable sources of energy is a global movement that is not peculiar to Nigeria. It will vibrate louder and stronger.”

“Having a global Gasdown-Frackdown shows we’re not alone. That other people as well are putting up a fight for what they love- be it their land, water, health or the climate. And that’s always encouraging” says a spokesperson from NoTAP Belgium, protesting against TAP a planned mega pipeline carrying gas from Azerbaijan to the EU.

One of the actions that took place was an event informing about socio-environmental impacts of fracking in Monterrey, Mexico. Teresa Garza, from Movimiento en Defensa de la Madre Tierra y de la Vida says: “I’ve seen the reaction of those who find out what fracking is and what it means. It is impossible to be indifferent. I think information is a good first step to fight against this horrid activity.”

In Brussels, several environmental NGOs met to show unity against gas. “The recently published IPCC report shows the urgency of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees and the need to phase out all fossil fuels, coal, oil and gas. We can’t afford to keep burning gas if we want to preserve a planet liveable for future generations. This action day, uniting different struggles across the world is a strong sign of resistance and hope”, says Frida Kieninger from Food & Water Europe.


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Website for Gastivists:https://gasdown-frackdown.org/

Website for Food & Water Europe: https://www.foodandwatereurope.org/
Selection of images from actions in following pages

Activists constructed their own pipeline at the port in Barcelona – much less damaging to the environment!

Over 600 people gathered in Perth demanding a state-wide ban of fracking in Western Australia.

Action for Socio-Political and Economic Change (ASEC) walked through the streets in Benin, Nigeria, demanding a swift transition to renewable energy.

Samba band at the Gasdown Frackdown Carnival in Sheffield, UK, where hundreds of people came together for a day of workshops, music and dancing.

Cardboard Pipeline delivery to the Lisbon offices of the European Investment Bank to demand they stop financing gas infrastructure, by Climaximo.

Local farmers and activists gather at a rally in Bali, Indonesia.

Treetop Banner drop by ClimateJustice Greifswald in Germany, who stand up against the Nordstream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany.

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