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About Us

Who We Are

Food & Water Action Europe is the European programme of Food & Water Watch, a nonprofit organisation based in the United States. With more than 2 million supporters, Food & Water Watch fights for safe food, clean water, and a livable climate for all of us. 

Food & Water Watch protects people from corporations and other destructive economic interests that put profit ahead of everything else.
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Why We Fight

Food & Water Action Europe champions healthy food and clean water for all. We stand up to corporations that put profits before people, and advocate for a democracy that improves people’s lives and protects our environment.

We are working to create a healthy future for our families and for generations to come—a world where all people have the resources they need, including wholesome food, clean water and sustainable energy. Making this happen requires organizing people from all over the world to build a large movement with the political power to make our democratic process work. Large numbers of people are a countervailing force to corporations “buying” public policy.

Why We Are Watchdogs

Bad practices are flowing across the Atlantic and impact our food, water, and climate future. We work on three fronts to preserve the common resources essential to life.

Defend the people

from looming fracking threats and multinational corporations trying to
privatise our water.

Guard our food supply

as corporate consolidation grows more severe at every step of the food chain.

Empower people like you,

because together we can put up a better fight than any one of us can alone.

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