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Global Environmental Activists Ask UN to Support Worldwide Fracking Ban

Environmental activists, public health professionals and campaigners fighting fracking, climate change, petrochemicals and plastic pollution met with the UN to discuss the harms and threats of gas drilling.


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Questionable Technologies: Rather than support real farming and proper safety standards, companies looking to keep profits up often turn to techno-fixes that put our health and environment at risk. Check out David Sánchez’s blog: What’s Beyond GMO contamination.
We're working to protect our water. Water: There is a battle brewing over who owns water. A resource as vital as water should not be exposed to the highest bidder. In the past decade the privatization of water resources in Europe has seen a rapid increase and big companies have profited from this.
We're working to stop fracking. Fracking: Few benefit from shale gas development using the technology known as fracking. Those who profit make absurd claims in its defense. Find out the truth behind the spin and learn about significant problems associated with fracking.
Find out what we're doing and what you can do, too. Agriculture: The back bone of economic and social vitality is disappearing. Get the FAQs on what happens to our food when factory farms dominate and small-scale family farms are decimated. Also: learn about our farms’ futures.
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Find out what how to protect your food. Wenonah Hauter, Food & Water Europe Director and author of Foodopoly, believes that only the growing political movement among people can solve today’s food crisis and the public health debacle it has created. Learn more and read Foodopoly.

The Foodopoly we are living in impacts us daily. People who want to avoid all GM in the food chain now have less information than ever before. Learn more.