Open Letter on Methane Regulation: NGOs Call for Highly Increasing Ambition


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Food & Water Action Europe, together with an alliance of European-wide civil society organisations, has sent an open letter to the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) urging them to adopt more ambitious measures ahead of the deadline for tabling amendments to the draft report on the Methane Regulation.

The Commission’s Methane Regulation Proposal is currently under discussion in the European Parliament and EU Council. The Council is trying to dilute the Commission’s proposal, which already had many gaps, thus a strong position of the Parliament is vital.

However, the joint ENVI (Environment) and ITRE (Energy) parliamentary committees’ draft report is extremely weak, and it fails to include bold measures.

In particular, the report lacks to propose effective methane reduction measures on energy imports, and it doesn’t take into account the impacts of fracked gas imports, which is absurd considering the EU is among the largest fossil fuels importers in the world.  Additionally, the EP’s text doesn’t consider a binding methane reduction target, and it fails to mention any reference to the necessity of methane rules independent of the fossil industry’s interests and integrated into the framework of a fossil fuels phase-out.