Fracking Mad? Sad? Share Your Story

By Eve Mitchell

The good news is that we’ve got fracking on the run here in the EU.

More and more companies realise that fracking simply doesn’t pay.

Some of the greediest of companies have not yet given up, however. They are pressing hard to frack, even though we know that this extreme and unsafe method of extracting fossil fuels from the ground harms our drinking water, health, environment and climate. It also prevents us from moving into renewable energy.

We know that our governments are not urging stringent-enough safety recommendations, and it’s putting us at risk.

It’s not sustainable. It makes us sad and mad for those of us who may live near fracking facilities.

We are not giving up. We are fighting back, and that’s a story that must be told.

Many of us are headed to the #GlobalFrackdown in Paris. Others are working locally.

In whatever way you are opposing fracking, please tell us about why you are working to stop it.

We want you to share your story. It’s important that others hear it. It’s critical that people know that we won’t give up until fracking is banned.