January 16th, 2018

European Activists Invited to Talk About Opposition to Gas Infrastructure in the European Parliament

If you are around Brussels this month, you are more than welcome to participate in our event on 22 January, bringing the voices of anti-gas infrastructure activists to the European Parliament. The event will take place from 13:30-14:30 in room PHS 01C051.

Why is Gas on the EU-Parliament’s Agenda this Month?

On the following day, Tuesday 23 January, the European Commission will talk to Members of Parliament about a new priority list for gas and electricity projects. Food & Water Europe followed the establishment of this list carefully and heavily criticises it because:

  • It is too focused on fossil fuel (gas) infrastructure to the detriment of renewables.
  • Support for subsidizing gas projects is not in line with the goals laid out in the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • It is marked by conflicts of interest due to heavy industry involvement.
  • It incentivises the misuse of public money for unneeded fossil fuel projects will end up as stranded assets.

Event: A Priority List for Projects that are NOT in Our Common Interest

Ahead of the Commission’s visit to the Parliament, we invite parliamentarians, the press and the interested public to learn more about some of the gas projects. Together with Xabier Benito Ziluaga and Michéle Rivasi, both deputies in the European Parliament, Food & Water Europe and Friends of the Earth Europe invited activists to shine a light on the many problems the costly build-out of unneeded gas infrastructure entails. Here are some of the anticipated speakers:

  • Carl Thorshag from Sweden will tell the public about the fight against a planned terminal to import liquefied gas in the port of Gothenborg.
  • Louise Fitzgerald from Ireland will outline the growing mobilization against the Shannon LNG terminal.
  • Marco Santoro from Italy will illustrate the extremely hard battle facing residents in the Southern-Italian Meledugno fight against the Trans Adriatic Pipeline to protect their livelihoods and farmland.
  • Carol Coll from Spain will give insights into the ongoing resistance against Midcat, the planned interconnector between Catalonia and France.
  • Activists from France will share their experience about combating the construction of the Eridan gas pipeline.

The voices of European citizens directly impacted by the fossil fuel frenzy will certainly give a clear signal to parliamentarians: they need to reject this priority list for gas.

To register for the event email [email protected] or [email protected]

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