November 21st, 2017

Ineos’ Chequered Environmental Track Record in Europe


The petrochemical company Ineos is transforming into a dominant UK fossil fuel firm with oil and gas extraction, storage, processing and pipeline assets.

Since its 1998 inception, Ineos has rapidly assembled a sprawling corporate empire by snapping up chemical factories and companies.

But it also has garnered a chequered environmental record in its aggressive climb to become one of the world’s largest chemical conglomerates.

The petrochemical industry, plastics production and fracking are innately risky to the environment and public health. Methane leaks from oil and gas infra- structure are a leading contributor to global warming, and in the United States the fracking industry has been responsible for thousands of spills and accidents that have contaminated groundwater resources. Ineos is pushing to frack the UK, but its troubled environmental and safety record at its chemical manufacturing plants makes the company a risky bet for UK communities and the environment. The Ineos chemical plants have released millions of tonnes of the green- house gas carbon dioxide as well as other hazardous pollutants.

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