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How Europe can rapidly reduce methane emissions and phase out fossil fuels Read the manifesto (full version hERE | SUMMARY VERSION HERE) and sign now! Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is having a dramatic impact on the lives of millions, exacerbating the energy price crisis and the energy precarity problem for households across Europe. However, Europe’s attempts […]

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LNG – Der flüssige Weg ins Klimachaos

  Hier geht’s zum LNG-Papier (Deutsch). ‘Liquefied Natural Gas’ (LNG) – Flüssigerdgas steht im Rampenlicht. Die Kosten für fossiles Gas steigen seit 2021 und die furchtbare Invasion der Ukraine durch russische Streitkräfte zwingt Regierungen sich mit der Frage zu befassen, wie die Abhängigkeit Europas von fossilen Energieträgern aus Russland beendet werden kann. Zusammen mit der […]

LNG: The Liquid Path to Climate Chaos

10 reasons why liquified fossil gas is the wrong choice for Europe Read full report here. “Liquefied Natural Gas” (LNG) has been thrown into the spotlight. The cost of fossil gas has been rising since 2021 and the horrific invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops has forced governments to grapple with how to end Europe’s […]

Informe: El sector ganadero en el País Valenciano

Una oportunidad para impulsar la producción extensiva y agroecológica Leer el informe de Food & Water Action Europe y Amigos de la Tierra El Estado español ha vivido en los últimos años una auténtica burbuja del sector porcino y, en menor medida, del sector aviar, también de producción intensiva. Se trata de un modelo de […]

Unveiling the Costs of Future Fossil Gas Infrastructure

The Trans European Energy Infrastructure regulation (TEN-E), defining the criteria and infrastructure categories for Projects of Common Interest (PCIs), is under revision. This briefing looks at both the ongoing revision process and the costs of the current PCI list (the fifth list) still governed by previous TEN-E rules. It addresses the elephant in the room […]


UPDATE: On The Inside: How the gas lobby infiltrates EU decision making on energy

Updated trans-European energy infrastructure (TEN-E) legislation is set to give an obscure gas industry body power over Europe’s energy future. Time to cut fossil fuels out of our politics. 2nd edition Read the briefing here.  2021 UPDATE: NOTHING HAS CHANGED The first edition of this briefing,1 in summer 2020, showed how the trans-European energy infrastructure […]

The Hydrogen Hype: Gas Industry Fairy Tale or Climate Horror Story?

The European Commission and its quest to let the gas industry write the book on hydrogen in Europe Read the new Food & Water Action Europe, Corporate Europe Observatory and Re:Common Hydrogen Hype report here.

The Urgent Case to Stop Factory Farms in Europe

The number of farms in the European Union has declined very rapidly in the past decades, largely as a result of disastrous agricultural and trade policies. At the same time, meat production in many EU countries is increasing, driven especially by exports. The remaining farms are becoming ever-larger with a lower diversity of animal breeds. This has seen a rise in factory farms, characterised by large numbers of animals being confined in crowded spaces with insufficient pastureland to feed the animals – meaning that feed has to be brought into the farm.

On The Inside: How the gas lobby infiltrates EU decision making on energy

This briefing shows how the trans-European energy infrastructure (TEN-E) regulation has placed an obscure body advocating for vested gas industry interests at the heart of EU decision making on energy. The privileged role of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSO-G) – a body made up exclusively of gas industry interests, including  […]


Ineos’ Chequered Environmental Track Record in Europe

The petrochemical company Ineos is transforming into a dominant UK fossil fuel firm with oil and gas extraction, storage, processing and pipeline assets. Since its 1998 inception, Ineos has rapidly assembled a sprawling corporate empire by snapping up chemical factories and companies. But it also has garnered a chequered environmental record in its aggressive climb to become one of the world’s largest chemical conglomerates.