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September 29, 2006
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Factory Dairy Farm Tour

U.S. Factory Farms , So Bad They’re A Tourist Attraction. Food & Water Watch welcomed farmers from France, Spain, and Germany this week for a first hand look at the environmental and public health consequences of factory farm dairies in three states , Michigan, Oregon and Washington.

July 26, 2006
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Press Release: What’s Cooking?

Consumer Group Details Global Trade Threat to Domestic Food Regulations

May 15, 2006
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NO to a US-EU Free Trade Area

At the end of May, the European Parliament will vote on a report presented by the Socialist MEP Erika Mann (Germany) – Report on EU-US Transatlantic economic relations – which calls for “a transatlantic barrier-free market by 2015.” The Committee on International Trade at the EP has already approved this report with a strong majority, with the support of the Socialist MEPs of the Committee.

April 3, 2006
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Press Release: Consumers Tell Starbucks to Buy Better Milk

Citing evidence of harm to dairy cows and questions about human health impacts, Food & Water Watch today launched a campaign to ask Starbucks to stop buying milk made with recombinant bovine growth hormone, commonly called rBGH. In urging the Seattle-based coffee leader to “do the right thing,” the group will encourage consumers to ask Starbucks to make their favorite coffee drinks with rBGH-free milk.