MEPs Approve Methane Report – Highlighting Dangers of Fracking and Need to Phase Out Fossil Fuels

Today, the European Parliament adopted its own-initiative report on an EU methane strategy, which calls for regulatory measures and clear targets to reduce methane emissions across all sectors in line with the Paris Agreement. But the report falls short in several key areas. While MEPs highlight in the report that “fossil fuels have no long-term […]


Proposed gas projects for EU support would emit as much carbon as Germany’s coal fleet each year

  FOOD & WATER ACTION EUROPE, FRIENDS OF THE EARTH EUROPE, GLOBAL WITNESS   26 July 2021, Brussels – Three climate NGOs have filed a complaint with the European Ombudsman over the European Commission’s repeated failure to properly assess the climate impact of fossil gas projects seeking political and financial support from the EU. This means […]


EU energy ministers decide to extend subsidies for fossil fuels in the revised energy infrastructure legislation stranding EU’s climate objectives and the European Green Deal

Brussels, 11 June 2021 – Europe’s energy ministers have decided to extend subsidies for  fossil gas in today’s approval of the Energy Council’s position for the revision of the energy infrastructure legislation (TEN-E) – a move highly criticised by climate groups and which is not in line with  EU’s climate targets. Despite its stated intent to […]

Grupos ecologistas muestran su oposición a un nuevo proyecto de biogás de Reganosa

Amigos de la Tierra y Food & Water Action Europe muestran su rechazo a la inclusión de un proyecto de biogás en la lista europea de Proyectos de Interés Común

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Open Letter: Europe needs more farmers

Brussels, 16 April 2021 Today, a joint letter to the European Commission, launched by European Coordination Via Campesina and signed by Food & Water Action Europe, together with farmers’ organisations, environmental organisations, NGOs, unions, and researchers, underlines the key role of small and medium-sized farmers in the resolution of current social, environmental, and food-related crises. […]

Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Set to Keep Firm Grip on EU Energy Development

Gas industry lobbyists are expected to retain a stranglehold on Europe’s energy future, with a formal role in EU decisions on energy infrastructure development and funding, a new analysis of European Commission policy proposals reveals today. The European Commission has proposed to keep an obscure body advocating for vested gas industry interests – the European Network of […]

La Coordinadora Stop Ganadería Industrial demanda al Gobierno de España una moratoria a la ganadería industrial

¡Firma la petición! La Coordinadora Estatal Stop Ganadería Industrial lanza hoy 22 de diciembre una recogida de firmas en apoyo de su petición de una moratoria a la ganadería industrial en España. Se pide al Ministro de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación y a la Ministra para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico que, en […]

EU Green Deal Undermined by Infrastructure Legislation that Opens Backdoor for Fossil Gas

BRUSSELS – The EU Commission’s new proposal for a revised Trans European Networks for Energy (TEN-E) regulation creates, despite improvements, still loopholes for fossil gas, which risk the overall credibility of the European Green Deal. The legislative proposal determines rules for top-priority cross-border energy infrastructure (Projects of Common Interest or PCIs). It is one of […]

Disclosed: gas industry lobby uses hydrogen to secure billions in tax payers’ money

07.12.2020, Brussels – The European Hydrogen Strategy (1), as announced by the European Commission in July, is in fact a ‘Trojan horse’ for the gas industry which managed to secure massive tax payers’ support for investments. That is one of the conclusions of a new investigative report ‘The hydrogen hype: Gas industry fairy tale or […]

Industry-Friendly Methane Tracking Schemes Are Insufficient

Brussels, 23 November, 2020 – The Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP) which is a Climate and Clean Air Coalition initiative led by the UN Environment Programme with the European Commission and Environmental Defense Fund, today committed to a new framework for monitoring, reporting and reducing methane emissions. The partnership includes polluters like Shell, BP […]