Decoding the EU Methane Regulation


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Unveiling the Key Elements of the EU Methane Regulation Compromise Agreement

The aim of this analysis is to provide a tool for better understanding the key points of the compromise agreement on the EU Methane Regulation, as adopted by the EU institutions last November.

The regulation represents the EU’s first attempt to regulate methane emissions from the energy sector, with internal measures aimed at monitoring, reporting, and verifying (MRV), as well as detecting and repairing (LDAR) methane leaks, and limiting emissions from routine flaring and venting (LRVF) activities. The regulation also considers emissions from energy imports, as the EU is among the largest importers of fossil fuels globally, although it misses the opportunity to extend internal MRV, LDAR, and LRVF measures to imports.

Finally, the analysis also includes a comparison between EU emission reduction measures and those adopted in other countries that are among the EU’s main trading partners.

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