November 29th, 2017

Up to the Last Drop: The Secret Water War in Europe

By David Sánchez

Water is a human right and a common good. But it is also one of the main focuses of transnational corporations that want to profit from this scarce resource. The struggle to defend public water is now exposed in the new documentary Up to the Last Drop: The Secret Water War in Europe.

For decades, corporations have pushed for the privatization of public services – including water. In Europe, several attempts supported by the European Commission have been launched since the neoliberal wave of the 90s. Still, today some of the countries affected by the austerity crisis – Ireland, Greece, Portugal – are resisting water privatization imposed by the Troika. Water has been on the negotiation table of the new wave of free trade agreements like TTIP and TISA, and is included in CETA, which contains several provisions that put public water management and water resources under international trade and investment mechanisms.

The struggle against these privatization attempts are exposed by Yiorgos Avgeropoulos in this new film that follows the money and the corporate interests during a period of four years in thirteen cities of six EU countries. According to the authors, “it’s a documentary film about water that reflects contemporary European values and the quality of the current European democracy”.

Up to the Last Drop: The Secret Water War in Europe is a must-see movie to understand the current European Union and the struggles and solidarity movements around water.

The teaser and more information about the movie can be found here.

The official premiere will happen in Athens the 4th of December. The movie will be broadcasted in TV in Germany and France the 12th of December.



2 Comments on Up to the Last Drop: The Secret Water War in Europe

  1. Eric Milby says:

    Where can i buy the DVD for the documentary UP TO THE LAST DROP ? This is another example of the dictatorship that is the EUROPEAN UNION.Will this documentary be broadcast in the UK ?

    • Royelen says:

      You can get in touch with the producers, Small Planet Productions, info(2)smallplanet(dot)gr. Thank you for your interest and happy new year!

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