Petition on Fossil Free Politics


Fossil Fuels


Energy and climate legislation adopted in the past few years have fallen dangerously short of preventing the cost of living crisis millions of Europeans are currently facing, as well as protecting Europe and beyond from increasing threats by the climate crisis.

At the same time, we as civil society organisations witness countless opportunities for the fossil fuel industry, industry to access and influence the EU decision making process. 

This happens not only through numerous platforms where the biggest polluters enjoy a priority seat at the table. This includes events with decision-makers, participation in expert groups, or alliances like the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance with a strong representation of the fossil gas industry. It also happens by literally including the fossil fuel industry into regulations that are pretending to aim at a decarbonisation of our economy; The example of the wide mandate of fossil gas transport body ENTSO-G to decide needs, provide own data etc. in cross-border infrastructure legislation (TEN-E Regulation) is just one of many.

In the face of an unprecedented energy crisis, with a considerable part of the fossil fuel industry benefiting enormously, reaping excess profits reaching dozens of billions in only a year, it is irresponsible to continue to listen to these corporations and their allies – who are, in considerable part, responsible for this crisis. We strongly believe that policy influenced by these vested interests risks aggravating energy poverty and hardship in Europe and beyond, while cementing our dependence on fossil fuels and these companies for decades to come.

In the face of an ever-growing climate emergency, with little time left to act and reverse the catastrophic impacts of climate change, it is irresponsible to accept vested fossil fuel interests proposing so-called ‘solutions’ to the climate crisis. These range from blue hydrogen (made from fossil fuels) to carbon capture (signaling dangerous emissions might be taken care of in the future to justify continued pollution) or large-scale gas infrastructure build-out, all intrinsically benefiting the same industry that knows it fuels dangerous global warming but has lied about it for decades.

What do we ask?

We need a climate and energy policy that is free from fossil fuel interests. The EU Parliament needs to show is willing to establish a barrier, to protect decision-making from the very same polluters that threaten to destroy our future with their business.

We will not accept further decades of priority access, lobby meetings, revolving doors between industry and decision makers, decades of handouts to the fossil fuel industry while Europeans suffer from fossil fuel dependency, high prices and the impacts of climate change, it is enough! 

We hereby ask the PETI Committee to take the first steps towards establishing rules for protecting our energy and climate laws and to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable. We know that this can be done: just as the tobacco industry is not allowed to influence health legislation, we can stop the fossil fuel industry from holding hostage the health of the people and the planet.