Netherlands – Fracked Gas Imports: Briefing

Imports of U.S. liquid gas into the Netherlands soared in 2022, representing 59% of total LNG imports and 34% of total gas consumption in the country – and almost all of it comes from fracking. In order to avoid climate catastrophe, Europe and the Netherlands should decrease their dependence on U.S. fracked gas as fast as possible.

Fossil gas, no matter its origin, is no solution for Europe. Russian gas has proven to be synonymous for supply insecurity and weaponization of the EU’s dirty energy dependency. The EU’s aim to get off Russian gas could be a big chance to accelerate a just transition. So far, however, EU-leaders and European governments have chosen to go into the wrong direction embracing LNG as a dirty fix, while largely ignoring real solutions. Simply moving Europe’s gas addiction from Russia to LNG imports is a big problem. This briefing takes a closer look at fossil gas imports from the U.S., which are almost entirely fracked.

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