LNG Threat Map

Check out the digital version of our LNG Threat Map!

Front side: European LNG terminals, build-out plans and threat categories

Back side: European (and a small selection of international) groups opposing the LNG build-out

Liquefied ‘Natural’ Gas (LNG) is fossil gas, cooled down to -162 degrees Celsius to turn it into a liquid. This reduces its volume by a factor of about 600, making it easier to load LNG on ships and transport it across the ocean. About 42% of the gas consumed in Europe in 2023 arrived in the form of LNG, the biggest part of it was fracked US LNG. Along the entire supply chain, LNG leads to high emissions, making it a hazardous climate threat that rivals even coal in its climate impact. On top of environmental damage, LNG has severe impacts on communities both in supply countries as well as many import countries.

Find here a non-exhaustive list of groups opposing the LNG build-out in Europe and beyond, including links to their websites.