“I Believe We Should Protect our Food Supplies.” Ban Cloning Now.

From the Highlands of Scotland to Bishopsteignton in Devon, people tell us over and over again they simply want cloning for food banned. They have lots or reasons. Find out what people are saying.

By Eve Mitchell

BanCloningBlogFoodandWaterEuropeJoeStonerNoClonesBanCloningFBHere’s what Lionel Burman of Wirral said: “Eating wholesome food is important to me. I would not undermine my health by eating junk food and I would never – ABSOLUTELY NEVER – serve cloned food to my family. I believe we should protect our food supplies. Ban cloning now.”

From the Highlands of Scotland to Bishopsteignton in Devon, people tell us over and over again they simply want cloning for food banned. They have lots or reasons.

Frances Sinclair of East Kilbride says, “I won’t serve cloned food to my family because I want them to be healthy and to be respectful of nature and the natural cycles of life. Food is so important to health and well being, not only ours, but the environment’s.”

You’ve heard the stats and the logic and the rest from me already. Cloning is cruel, it’s unwanted and it’s unnecessary. Now the crucial vote in the European Parliament seeking a ban on cloning for food is set for 8 September, and parallel discussions are taking place in the European Council. We need as many people as possible to tell decision-makers to vote for a full ban on clones, their descendants and imports to keep them out of the European food chain and off your dinner table. Since the Commission wants to let food from the descendants of clones into the food chain and refuses to consider labelling it, we really do need to get this right.

Don’t take my word for it. As John from Barrow said, “Consumers should have a choice.” That’s only fair. We are promised “choice” in all kinds of other areas, so cloned food should be no different.

When we asked people if they would eat or serve food from clones to their families, Chris Voisey from Fortrose made a good point about long-term worries: “No, past interference with our food has mostly proved to have bad side effects.” Maggie from Bishopsteignton made me laugh – “Not even to my dog.”

We know we don’t want cloned food. What’s the problem?

The problem is that some of our politicians aren’t listening. The European Parliament sadly doesn’t have the last say on this. If it did, cloning would have been banned years ago. Right now Agriculture and Environment Ministers from across the EU are seriously considering supporting cloned food, even against our clear, strong wishes. Voters in the UK, a renowned country of animal lovers, may be surprised to hear that the UK Government is a leading voice in the pro-clone camp.

So despite years of work and lots of talking, the UK Government is still going completely the wrong way and may convince others to undermine us and our Parliament. We could get clone food whether we like it or not.

Help us stop cloning. Send a message now to your government Ministers to remind them they represent you – and you want clones banned. We are not obliged to eat whatever science can produce. Food is about more than profit.

Join Trevor Smith of Gloucestershire who says: “Eating wholesome food is important to me because my health is important to me. I don’t want my family eating cloned food, I wouldn’t serve cloned food and I think it’s important for others to know that we have to work together to ban cloning.”