30+ CSOs are calling for a bold EU Methane Regulation away from fossil fuel interests



Over 30 CSOs from across Europe have sent an open letter to the ENVI and ITRE members of the European Parliament ahead of the joint committee vote on the EU methane regulation proposal.

We ask the ENVI and ITRE committees to adopt an ambitious position on the text away from fossil fuel industry interests.

We have witnessed in the last months worrying attempts to water down the legislative proposal, it is crucial that the arguments and narratives put forward by the fossil fuel industry to dilute the methane regulation do not find room in the European Parliament’s position.

We urge you to deliver a methane regulation that takes effective and rapid measures to cut methane emissions associated with imported fossil fuels. This is why we ask to extend domestic provisions on Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV), Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR), and Limits on Venting and Flaring (LVF) to EU energy imports along the entire supply chain. Legal studies have already pointed out that this is feasible, and it is not in conflict with WTO rules.

It is vital for the people and the planet to drastically reduce methane emissions while working to implement comprehensive plans to phase out fossil fuels, especially fossil gas by 2035.

You can read the joint letter here.