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112 new fossil gas projects? No thanks!







Tell the EU-Commission what you think about their gas priority list NOW!

Each year, the European Commission creates a list of gas infrastructure projects which are given the title of “Projects of Common Interest.” These projects enjoy a host of advantages and are identified as being of national priority. They are also eligible for receiving billions of funding from EU public money.

Despite its name, this list is not in our “common interest”, instead it contains 112 proposed new fossil gas infrastructure projects, which will lock us into a fossil gas future that exacerbates the climate catastrophe, destroys local communities (both in Europe and beyond), and destroys our ability to avoid a 1.5 or even 2 degree world.

But we can stop this.

We have until the 29th of May to tell the European Commission what we think about their projects of common interest, and there is just one easy step for you to take:

Submit a response to the consultation

You can copy the template text below into an email to the following address: [email protected] Don’t hesitate to change the template text and add your own thoughts as to why new fossil gas infrastructure is a terrible idea.


Suggested Email template: 

Subject Line: Submission to 2019 Gas PCI List Consultation

Dear DG Energy B1 – European Commission,

I hereby submit my contribution to the “Consultation on the list of candidate Projects of Common Interest in gas infrastructure”. In my opposition to all proposed fossil gas infrastructure projects, I, as an individual stakeholder, ask that you please count this answer individually and do not summarize it together with other answers as one general contribution.

Specifically, in response to the question: “In your opinion, is a proposed project significantly contributing to market integration/sustainability/security of supply/competition and therefore needed from an EU energy policy perspective?” I want it to be noted that gas is a fossil fuel that exacerbates climate change and is incompatible with both the EU climate targets, and the goals of the Paris Agreement. Gas undermines any sustainability criteria and the gas projects of common interest will lock us into a fossil fuel future, resulting in stranded assets and dangerous temperature increases. Moreover, gas infrastructure projects have devastating direct and indirect impacts on affected communities both in Europe but also in gas supply countries around the world.

For a detailed contribution which addresses all 112 projects please see this link: https://cloud.foeeurope.org/index.php/s/JpRCQjrCWdAKCgp/download.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to review my submission.

Yours sincerely,



Link for “PCI 2019 Consultation Template Response”

Sign the PCI List Open Letter: If you are part of an organisation please consider taking the time to sign on to our Open Letter asking for the removal of all 112 gas infrastructure projects from the “Projects of Common Interest” list. This is a protest of common interest, and our voices matter. Let’s make sure the European Commission gets the message.

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