November 20th, 2012

GE Salmon Will Not Feed The World

GESalmonWillNotFeedtheWorld.jpgExpanding ways to feed the world’s growing population is a persistent topic of discussion.

One company, AquaBounty Technologies, is claiming to have anew method to help feed the world — a genetically engineered (GE) salmon that grows faster than a non-altered fish.

While an increase in fish production could provide more protein to an expanding world in need of more food, a closer look at this GE salmon reveals that the costs likely far outweigh any benefits.

Analysis shows that alleviating hunger is not the primary intent of the GE salmon.

Furthermore, the costs associated with bringing it to market, including the need for more feed to support rapid growth, its inferior nutritional profile as compared to wild salmon, and potential threats to wild salmon populations from escapes, make the likelihood that it will help feed the world a highly dubious proposition.

Like other GE foods before it, GE salmon will not likely contribute to food security. And, while certain forms of fish farming may help alleviate food insecurity in some places, farmed fish do not need to be genetically engineered.