New Irish Government Vows to Ban Imports of Fracked Gas and Cease Support for Shannon LNG Terminal

Move marks major milestone in Irish anti-fracking campaign

One step away from full victory: Draft programme for next Irish government rejects fracked gas import terminals

Dublin, 15 June 2020 After weeks of behind the scenes negotiations, a leaked draft programme for the next Irish Government seeks to stop all proposed fracked gas imports, including the controversial Shannon LNG terminal. If approved by party members, these commitments would represent a substantial victory for climate activists and anti-fracking campaigners around the world. […]

Broad Opposition to Bailout Request of #Fracking4Plastics Company Ineos

Prominent activists, scientists, and groups urge COP26 hosts to side with the climate and environment – while prioritising long term stability for workers through green jobs London – A request for £500m in state support by petrochemical and fracking company Ineos – partly owned by billionaire and tax exile Jim Ratcliffe, is drawing international opposition. […]

Carbon Capture and Storage: An Expensive and Unproven False Solution

We must take bold and uncompromising action to stave off the worst effects of climate change. If the planet warms more than 1.5 degrees Celsius, increased temperatures could cause irreversible damage, potentially making parts of the world uninhabitable this century. A central false solution to climate change is Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), which describes […]

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