On Eve of EU-US Energy Forum, 200 Groups on Both Sides of the Atlantic Unite in Opposition To Climate-hostile LNG Trade

Today, 200 groups from both sides of the Atlantic released an open letter to EU Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete and U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry, calling on the EU and U.S. administrations to immediately stop the transatlantic trade in fracked hydrocarbons.

New Fortress Global Natural Gas Buildout Entrenches Fossil Fuel Dominance

Approving more LNG facilities like the ones proposed by New Fortress for the export and import of natural gas will spur more environmentally damaging drilling and fracking, and building these energy-intensive facilities will generate more greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more in Food & Water Watch’s Factsheet: New Fortress Global Natural Gas Buildout Entrenches Fossil Fuel […]

100+ Organizations Urge the EU Parliament to Remove ExxonMobil’s Lobby Badges

On March 21, the EU Parliament held the first ever public hearing on climate change denial addressing the special role ExxonMobil played in its decades-long campaign to distort the truth about global warming. The impetus for this hearing was a petition submitted by Food & Water Europe urging the Parliament to act on the case.


ExxonMobil Access to Parliament on the line Live March 27, 2019

ExxonMobil lobby access to EU Parliament on the line

Today’s public hearing on climate change denialism highlighted oil and gas corporation ExxonMobil’s responsibility for deliberately spreading false information, and underlined the impact of such misinformation on EU climate action.

EXXON Climate Change Denial to come under fire in EU Parliament

For immediate release, March 18, 2019 Brussels – After decades of concealing the link between fossil fuels and global warming, oil and gas giant ExxonMobil will be the subject of the first EU-level hearing on climate-change denial on Thursday 21 March in Brussels. The company, whose lobbying has weakened European climate action, is refusing to […]

UN Committee Urges UK Government to Consider “Comprehensive and Complete Ban” on Fracking

In an extraordinary move, the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) slammed the United Kingdom’s policies on fracking for failing to protect the rights of rural women, and urged the British Government to “consider introducing a comprehensive and complete ban on fracking.”

Green Groups Challenge ESRIs Assumption that Irish Citizens Could Benefit from Fracked LNG Import Terminals

Green groups – including Futureproof Clare, Gluaiseacht, Safety Before LNG, Friends of the Irish Environment, Not Here Not Anywhere, Love Leitrim, Friends of the Earth and Food & Water Europe – have challenged in an open letter ESRI’s recent Liquefied Natural Gas Valuation research bulletin which states that importing fracked liquefied natural gas (LNG) or developing a storage facility could reduce gas prices in future.

Más de treinta eurodiputados piden la paralización de la macrogranja de las 20.000 vacas en Noviercas (Soria)

Treinta y tres eurodiputadas y eurodiputados de seis grupos políticos y once países han remitido hoy una carta [1] al Gobierno español y castellanoleonés para pedir la paralización del proyecto para construir una macrogranja con más de 23.000 vacas en la provincia de Soria [2]. Si este proyecto se lleva a cabo, sería la mayor granja lechera de la Unión Europea y abriría las puertas a un modelo de ganadería industrial importado de EE.UU. que no tiene cabida en Europa.

More Than 30 MEPs Raise Their Voices Against a 23,000 Dairy-Cow Factory Farm in Spain

Thirty-three MEPs from six different political groups and 11 countries endorsed a letter [1] sent today to Spanish national and regional governments urging them to stop a projected factory farm that would house more than 23,000 dairy cows [2]. It would be the biggest dairy farm in the European Union and opens the doors to a factory farm model imported from the US that has no place in Europe.