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Climate Change: It’s What’s for Dinner

We all know that driving a gas-guzzling SUV contributes to climate change,but did you know that what you put on your plate could too? Here’s how your food choices affect climate change and what you, as a consumer, can do about it.

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What’s Behind the Global Food Crisis?

Full Report – The 2008 global food crisis is compromising the survival of 860 million undernourished people and threatens to push a hundred million people into extreme poverty, erasing all of the gains made in eradicating poverty in the last decade. Record high prices have put food out of reach for the poorest people in the developing world, many of whom already spend more than half their income on food. Growing food insecurity is undermining tenuous civil stability in at least 33 countries, about one sixth of United Nations member countries.

Bechtel: de Cochabamba a Guayaquil, la historia se repite

Marcela Olivera, Coordinadora por el Agua y la Vida, Cochabamba, Bolivia Luego de cinco meses de lucha y de protestas en la llamada Guerra del Agua, en Cochabamba, Bolivia, se logra expulsar al consorcio Aguas del Tunari y cuyo principal accionista es la estadounidense Becthel. Sin embargo, en octubre del 2000 y a tan solo […]

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Some of the reports on this site were originally produced by the food and water campaigns of Public Citizen‚ Critical Mass Energy and Environment Program. In November 2005, these campaigns moved to Food & Water Watch, which is reproducing these reports with Public Citizen’s permission.

Food & Water Watch Board of Directors

Rudolf Amenga Etego Rudolf is a prominent lawyer and civil society figure in Ghana. Rudolf is the Executive Director of GrassRootsAfrica.  He previously worked for the Integrated Social Development Center (ISODEC) as the Director of Advocacy and Campaigns. The program was established as a response to the impact of International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World […]

Food & Water Europe Staff and Contacts

Meet the Food & Water Action Europe staff Wenonah Hauter — Executive Director Wenonah Hauter is an activist, author and progressive policy advocate. She is the founder and executive director of Food & Water Watch and Food & Water Action. Wenonah has three decades of experience campaigning and writing on food, water, energy and environmental […]

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Biotech Diplomacy

Ambassadors representing the United States have been carrying out a less traditional sort of mission in the European Union: promoting the interests of biotechnology companies and the genetically modified products they are attempting to sell around the world.

Letter to Italy’s Environment Minister Regarding GMOs

Bern, 4 dicembre 2008 On.le Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare Via Cristoforo Colombo, n. 44 00147 Roma segreteria.ministro(at) Onorevole Ministro, Food & Water Watch è un’organizzazione internazionale per la promozione di un’agricoltura sostenibile, di qualità e libera da OGM. Ci permettiamo d’interpellare il governo italiano affinché mantenga […]