Grupos ecologistas muestran su oposición a un nuevo proyecto de biogás de Reganosa

Amigos de la Tierra y Food & Water Action Europe muestran su rechazo a la inclusión de un proyecto de biogás en la lista europea de Proyectos de Interés Común

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Open Letter: Europe needs more farmers

Brussels, 16 April 2021 Today, a joint letter to the European Commission, launched by European Coordination Via Campesina and signed by Food & Water Action Europe, together with farmers’ organisations, environmental organisations, NGOs, unions, and researchers, underlines the key role of small and medium-sized farmers in the resolution of current social, environmental, and food-related crises. […]

Job vacancy: Network Developer

Organization: Food & Water Action Europe / Food & Water Watch Job Title: Network Developer Location: EU, preferably Brussels, Belgium This is a full-time position. Organization Overview: Food & Water Action Europe is working to create a healthy future for all people and generations to come—a world where everyone has food they can trust, clean […]

La Coordinadora Stop Ganadería Industrial demanda al Gobierno de España una moratoria a la ganadería industrial

¡Firma la petición! La Coordinadora Estatal Stop Ganadería Industrial lanza hoy 22 de diciembre una recogida de firmas en apoyo de su petición de una moratoria a la ganadería industrial en España. Se pide al Ministro de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación y a la Ministra para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico que, en […]

Open letter to President von der Leyen: Withdraw the CAP

Food & Water Action Europe is joining over 25 other NGOs in a joint letter to Commission President Von der Leyen, to call on the European Commission to withdraw its proposal on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). We demand the European Commission to table a new proposal that is based on supporting farmers in the transition away […]

España lidera el alarmante avance de la ganadería industrial en Europa

29 de octubre de 2020 Entre 2013 y 2019 se instalaron en España granjas industriales a un ritmo de casi 20.000 cerdos a la semana. España alberga más cerdos que ningún otro país europeo. El crecimiento de la producción está impulsado por la exportación, principalmente a China. – España es líder en uso de antibióticos, […]

The Urgent Case to Stop Factory Farms in Europe

The number of farms in the European Union has declined very rapidly in the past decades, largely as a result of disastrous agricultural and trade policies. At the same time, meat production in many EU countries is increasing, driven especially by exports. The remaining farms are becoming ever-larger with a lower diversity of animal breeds. This has seen a rise in factory farms, characterised by large numbers of animals being confined in crowded spaces with insufficient pastureland to feed the animals – meaning that feed has to be brought into the farm.

Climate and health crises driven by factory farms across Europe, says new report

Campaigners urge EU to phase out all factory farms by 2040 Read the report: The Urgent Case to Stop Factory Farms in Europe Brussels, October 8 – Factory-farmed meat production in the EU is on the rise, and is putting the climate and human health at risk according to a new report released today from […]

Open letter: Commission turning blind eye to new GMOs

17 September 2020 88 civil society and farmers organisations from across Europe are today warning the EU Commission is turning a blind eye to new GMOs and demanding EU health and food safety Commissioner Stella Kyriakides keeps new GMOs regulated, in an open letter. The controversial new generation of food genetic engineering techniques should be […]


UK Supermarkets Challenged Over “Effective Support” for Megadairies

Brussels— Today, consumer organization Food & Water Europe wrote to Asda, Morrison’s and The Co-op asking them to clarify their corporate policies on megadairies, asking if they sell milk as a loss leader and, if so, how they justified selling milk below cost — a trend that is crippling the ability of small- and medium-sized farmers in the EU to make a living and stay in business. The letters also suggest they are supportive of massive megadaries, which consolidate milk production into the small number of giant massive operations that can scale up to meet the challenges of providing cheap milk to retailers—but at a great cost to communities where these megadairies operate and consumers who want sustainable dairy choices that support farmer livelihoods.