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Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter owns an organic farm that provides produce to hundreds of families as part of the growing Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement. Yet she believes that this movement isn’t enough to solve America’s food crisis and the public health debacle it has created. In Foodopoly, Hauter takes aim at the culprit: the control of food production by a handful of large corporations—backed by political clout—that prevents farmers from raising healthy crops and limits the choices people can make in the supermarket.

Blending history, reporting, and a deep understanding of American farming and food production, Foodopoly is the shocking and revealing account of the business behind the food that most Americans eat every day, including some of our favorite and most respected brands. Hauter also pulls the curtain back from the realm of agricultural policy, showing how it puts the interests of food processors — such as Cargill, Tyson, Kraft and ConAgra — above the needs of independent farmers.

In the end, Hauter argues that solving this crisis will require a complete structural shift—a change that is about politics, not just personal choice.

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“…a meticulously researched tour de force…examines the pernicious effects of consolidation in every sector of the food industry.” Publishers Weekly

“A forceful argument about our dysfunctional food system.” Kirkus Review


“In compelling prose, Hauter breaks down why the concentration of corporate power over food matters—and what we can do about it. Foodopoly is a vital book—essential reading for anyone who wants safe food and clean water.”
— Anna Lappé, founder of Food Mythbusters and author of Diet for a Hot Planet

“A shocking and powerful reminder of the distance between our image of the family farmer and the corporate agribusiness reality. Make sure you read it before dinner.”
— Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth

“Food is life. Today, food and life are being hijacked by corporations—and our earth, our farmers, and our health are sacrificed for the sake of corporate profits. Foodopoly [is] a story we must hear in order to create food democracy and food freedom.”
— Dr. Vandana Shiva, author of Stolen Harvest