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March 31st, 2015

UK Sells Off Fera, Privatizes Public Science

By Eve Mitchell

Our government is increasingly outsourcing its operations.  The latest is a private deal to run Fera. It's foolish by any standard but it's no April Fools' joke.

Our government is increasingly outsourcing its operations. The latest is a private deal to run Fera. It’s foolish by any standard but its’ no April Fools’ joke.

The UK Government is celebrating April Fool’s Day by selling off another big piece of our national family silver, and the joke is very much on us. Read the full article…

When Brussels Met the Real World: The Fight for The Right2Water

By David Sánchez

FoodandWaterEuropeRight2WaterRuling a whole continent should not be easy. Even more complicated when you do it from a city like Brussels, where it is relatively simple to lose track of the reality beyond the “Brussels bubble“, a closed environment crowded by a highly educated, well-paid elite of civil servants, politicians and lobbyists. Read the full article…

March 25th, 2015

Who Is Really Cozying Up to Gazprom? The Answer May Surprise You

By Geert Decock

Food & Water Europe will organise the Global Frackdown.

Coming at the end of 2015, the fourth Global Frackdown.

It’s a claim that has been repeated again and again, always without a shred of evidence. Former NATO Secretary-General Rasmussen said that Russia is infiltrating environmental organisations working against shale gas to maintain European dependence on imported Russian gas. Some so-called experts have described European groups that campaign for a ban on fracking as “[w]ell-organized and well-funded”, even claiming that anti-fracking groups were able to pay for advertising campaigns with billboards to spread their message. Our reply has always been that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence – for example, evidence of an exchange of views between Gazprom officials, Russian diplomats and our supporters. Read the full article…

March 17th, 2015

Join Me at the Right2Water Protest

Join the Right2Water Movement

By David Sánchez 

This is BIG.

The Right2Water movement is growing.

It’s easy to see why – the goals are clear:

1. Guaranteed water and sanitation for all in Europe.

2. No privatisation of water services.

3. Universal access to water and sanitation for all.

On 23 March 2015, people will come from across Europe to mobilise in Brussels. Our mission is to remind the European Commission that they work for us and not for corporations!

This is a critical time to gather and speak out. We gathered 2 million signatures but the European Commission did nothing. And the European Parliament is preparing a resolution in defense of the human right to water.

I’ll be there on 23 March, chanting, “We want the Human Right to Water and we want it now!”

Will you join me?

Learn more and RSVP to attend.

March 4th, 2015

Enemies in War, Partners in Water Privatisation

Welcome David!

Tony Blair: Best friends don’t sell out public water!

By David Sánchez

Can two politicians be enemies in a war, insulting each other for years, but end up signing a contract and being besties? Yes, they can, when business perspectives are promising.

This story goes back 16 years. In March 1999, NATO launched an operation to bomb Serbia, when this country was still part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. On one side, Tony Blair, British Prime Minister at that time, was one of the main supporters of the attack. On the other side, Aleksandar Vucic was Minister of Information in the Government of Yugoslavia. Read the full article…


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